Denim® has established as a distinguished manufacturer of high quality Submersible Pumpset. Denim® has association with the field dates back to 2001. This is not the reson why the base and knowledge of submersible pumpset are solid. Constant field work, desire to keep satisfied client and development have established as a unique enterprise in 2002, growing in only one direction upward and onwards.


Denim® has the only quality policy of Providing Competitive product with quality and accuracy to customers in accordance with national and international standards. Quality Controls have been exercised at each stage of the product by experienced and Qualified engineers.

We Used All The Quality Materials Are Being Tested With The Help of Standardised Instruments


  • Irrigation : Open, drip, Sprinkler, Gradening, Seed farm and Nurseries.
  • Drinking Water Supply : Domestic, Community Hall, Housing Complexes, High rise Bungalows.
  • Industrial Plants .
  • High Pressure Washing : Dairies, Farms and Services Stations.
  • Water Cooling System & Air Conditioning Plant .
  • Fire Fighting & Foundries .

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