• At Denim Pumps, manufacturing of QUALITY PUMPS in based on team work philosophy that characterizes pump design & engineering.
  • Material resources planning translate the management goals & priorities into Material, Men & Machine requirements. This helps in shorter lead times and on-time delivery.
  • Different steps of the manufacturing process take place in a single production unit & this helps in co-ordination of various activities, namely marketing to engineering & manufacturing to final testing.
  • Easy & fast assembly of components assures prompt delivery of the pumps. In addition, availability of large stock of components at any time guarantees timely supply of spares parts.
  • The pumps are painted according to the company specifications or to the customer’s specification when order quantity is high.
  • Packing is made carefully so as to protect the product and guarantee its perfect condition at delivery.


Denim pumps started manufacturing Submersible pumps in the year 2001. With time the facilities were increased to manufacture more quantity of 6″borehole submersible pumpsets and openwell horizontal pumpsets.

Denim pumps manufacturers a number of components in house and also procures from dedicated suppliers. Number of manufacturing machines such as Lathes, Presses, Welding Unit, and Winding Systems are available for manufacturing of components.

Full fledged assembly facilities for motors and pumps are available including balancing machine, painting facilities.

Computerized testing facilities are created so as to test and obtain test reports. These facilities are utilized for testing of pumpsets produced by the production department personnel and also for developmental purposes.

Accounting & administrative facilities are created for smooth & efficient working so that customer satisfaction can be maximized.


Denim Pumps engage in continuous product R & D which result in quality product with improved consistency and more reliability with economic power consumption.

With core emphasis on Research & Development in Submersible Pumping solution, company has devoted sufficient time to achieve an engineering excellence to develop world class most energy efficient product range.

R&D work goes on, on a continuous basis to improve to performance of motor, pump which will help in achieving a high efficiency.


We, at Denim Pumps, commit ourselves for supplying products such as submersible pump set, submersible pump kit and openwell submersible pump. that would give complete satisfaction to our customers.

We will strive to achieve growth and leading position in the market by,

  • Supplying consistent quality of products to our valued customers,
  • Complying requirements and continually Reprove the effectiveness of quality management system,
  • By setting quality objectives monitoring on a monthly basis,
  • Creating an environment of teamwork and Innovative Approach


Quality of the products is maintained by adopting QMS system as per ISO 9001:2008 system. Raw materials & other components are procured as per the stated specifications. The same are checked for Quality Approved test certificates provided by the supplier / incoming inspection within the company.

At each stage of manufacture, dimensional accuracies are checked Approved drawings. Final testing is carried out after assembly by testing in the test set-up for flow, head, efficiency etc.

Quality of service to the customer is of high standards. As soon as the orders are received, delivery periods are decided and accordingly production is planned.

Products are packed in such a way that there won’t be any damage during transportation from factory to the customer.

In case of customer related problems, actions are taken on priority to solve their problems by involving Production & Quality Assurance department personnel. In short quality of product & service are maintained at all costs.